Grenade buttons

Buttons combined with grenades lead to more speed, great heights or both:

(Image gren height)
Map: evil_cw

(Image gren speed)
Map: amt-dexterous

It's also possible to throw a grenade into the air and when it hits the button you can do a grenade jump at the same time so you gain bigger heights. (2x grenadejump)
But how does such a button work? It's pretty easy. Create a brush which will be the button later and which you can identify straight away when you look at it so the player doesn't have to stand still first and look around what to do next. That would kill the gaming flow. Select the brush, convert it into a func_button and type in following keys and values:

(Image Entity window a)
(Image Entity window b) wait: "-1" will reenable the button immediately.

health: You have to activate the button by shooting instead of touching.

angle: In my case the button goes down into the floor.

speed: Take a very big number so the button will come back very fast.

Note: Any func_button entity with a health key can be triggered by projectiles and weapons and therefore can also activate targets.

Written by Bliccer